The Thermal and Electrical Systems Laboratory (TESLab) performs research activities focused on the characterisation and development of devices and systems based on electronic and/or thermal processes. Our main research areas are thermoelectric devices, thermo-electrochemical cells, and electrochemistry. We also work on the development of new applications and sensors based on thermoelectric devices.

The laboratory belongs to the Department of Industrial Systems Engineering and Design of the Universitat Jaume I (Castelló de la Plana, Spain) and forms part of the Polymers and Advanced Materials (PIMA) research group. TESLab is currently led by Dr. Jorge García-Cañadas and participates in different regional, national, and European projects, collaborating with other universities, research institutes and companies.

Our research outputs intend to contribute with new knowledge and novel technologies and products to the scientific community, industries, and the society. Our research is directly linked to several of the Sustainable Development Goals:

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